Szóbeli kérdések az angliai szakmai gyakorlatra jelentkezőknek

Interview questions for applicants for 
the Erasmus+ mobility programme – 2018

  1. Explain the geographical differences between the United Kingdom, Great Britain, England and the British Isles.
  2. Who is the PM of the UK at the moment?
  3. Which are the two big political parties in the UK?
  4. Where is the parliament, and how many chambers does it have? What are their names?
  5. Who is the monarch of the UK and how long has she been on the throne?
  6. List the most important national holidays of the UK.
  7. Which are the most significant tourist attractions of London?
  8. Which are the most famous museums of London?
  9. Since when has the UK been part of the EU?
  10. What does Brexit mean? When will the British leave the EU? 
  11. Who was Erasmus of Rotterdam?
  12. What is Cambridge famous for? 
  13. Which are the most typical English dishes? How international is English cuisine? 
  14. Why is London so multi-cultural? Where do most of the ethnic groups or nationalities come from? 
  15. Who is the current mayor of London, what is his ethnic background? Which religion does he follow?
  16. What is the tube? Which other means of transportation can you find in London?
  17. What is the oyster card? How can you use it? 
  18. What is Greenwich famous for?
  19. What is the difference between cider, ale and stout?
  20. How much is one pint in millilitres?
  21. How much is 70 miles/hour in km/hour?
  22. What is the official currency of the UK? Read out the following price tags: 4.99, 0.45, 1.50, 10p
  23. Explain the procedure of getting on an airplane. Which steps do you need to take?
  24. What kinds of objects are prohibited to be taken on board of an aeroplane? 
  25. Who are the immigration officers? What kind of questions do they normally ask from passengers?
  26. What is the significance of Dover in terms of historic architecture, geography and transportation?
  27. Where is Broadstairs situated? What do you know about this town? 
  28. What is the loop in Broadstairs? 
  29. What is Westwood Cross in Broadstairs? 
  30. Which famous person lived in Broadstairs in the 19th century? What do you know about him? 
  31. What kind of stores/shops are Marks&Spencer, Waterstones, Cooperative, Get Fresh, B&M store?
  32. What does KSE stand for? What kind of role does it play in this one month mobility program?


  1. Why would you like to take part in this mobility program? What are its greatest benefits?
  2. What kind of rules do you think you have to follow at a host family in England?
  3. Ask a few questions from your new boss/manager about your work placement.
  4. You are lost in London. Ask a passer-by to give you directions.
  5. Describe your school to a German student and what it specialises in.

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